UJALA Scheme


Under the scheme, 20W LED tube lights and BEE 5-star rated energy efficient fans are also distributed to the consumers. The 20W LED tube lights are 50% more energy efficient than conventional 40W tube lights and are available for Rs. 220/- per tube, as against the market price of Rs. 400-600. The energy efficient fans under the UJALA scheme come with a BEE 5 Star rating. These ceiling fans are rated 30% more energy efficient than conventional fans and are priced at Rs. 1200/- per fan.


The main objective is to promote efficient lighting, enhance awareness on using efficient equipment which reduce electricity bills and help preserve environment.

Overall targets


  • Overall target of number of LED lights to be replaced in 3 years - 770 million
  • Expected annual energy savings - 105 bn KWh
  • Expected reduction of peak load - 20,000 MW
  • Annual estimated greenhouse gas emission reductions -  79 million tonnes of CO2

Implementation agencies

The Electricity Distribution Company and Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) a public sector body of Government of India are implementing the programme.

Eligibility of acquiring LED bulbs

Every grid-connected consumer having a metered connection from their respective Electricity Distribution Company can get the LED bulbs at about 40% of the market price under the UJALA Scheme. Consumers also have the option of paying for the LEDs in equated monthly instalments.