CMHT - Chief Ministergi Hakshelgi Tengbang


What is Chief Minister-gi Hakshelgi Tengbang (CMHT)?

It is a Health assurance Scheme launched by Government of Manipur, which provides free treatment to SECC, Widow/Disabled/AAY card holder for treatment of illness at the empanelled hospitals.

Is it only for Manipur Residents?

Yes, approved list of families under SECC (Socio-Economic Census), Poor, Disabled and widows, who are permanent resident of Manipur are eligible to avail benefits under the scheme.

Who are eligible for enrolment?

Approved list of families under SECC, AAY card Holder, Disabled and widows, are eligible for getting enrolled. However, an alternative for consideration is available for those families which are not found eligible as per SECC eligibility criteria but are poor. Submission of such families will be verified by Deputy Commissioner based on same criteria of deprivation as noted in SECC methodology. If found eligible during such verification, such families may be enrolled. The procedure for such type of enrolment will be that the claimant (of being poor) will reach the Enrolment Kiosk with relevant documents as required for enrolment and will be given a yellow receipt acknowledging the applicant. The records of the individual will be sent to the relevant District Commissioner who will send the relevant staff to carry out physical verification of the Claimants/Applicants Social Status as per the SECC eligibility criteria. If the Applicant is found to be eligible, DC will approve the application, upon which a SMS will be sent to applicants Cell number (recorded at the time of Enrolment and also recorded in the yellow receipt), instructing applicant to collect the CMHT Health Card from the designated District Hospital/ CHC/PHC as the case may be. In cases where the application is rejected, a regret SMS will be sent to applicant.

What is enrolment?
Enrolment is a process wherein eligible individual goes to the enrolment station and gets himself enrolled in the Scheme. During the enrolment, the Verifying officer will verify the eligibility of the individual based on the SECC data, ID proof listed in this document and Aadhar. If found eligible, operator will capture the details of family members and issue ID card. A nominal fee of Rs.50/- will be charged per family towards card and a Green receipt will be handed over to the applicant. This receipt has to be brought to the relevant District Hospital/ CHC/ PHC at the time of card collection, for which a SMS will be sent to the applicant Cell Phone (as recorded in the green receipt). No charges will be collected from AAY, Disabled and Widow.

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