Chief Minister gi Sotharabasingi Tengbang (CMST)


The “CM gi Sotharabasingi Tengbang” scheme has been designed with five sub-schemes. Scheme includes Care-Giver allowances/Maintenance Grant to Persons with disability having a disability of 80% or more with would be provided with Rs. 1,500/- per month. The beneficiaries will also be covered under “SwavlambanHealth Insurance Scheme for PwD”, where the State Government will provide the mandatory beneficiary contribution of Rs. 366 per annum, which will provide a health insurance cover of Rs. 2 lakhs to four members of a family and OPD charges. The persons with disabilities in the age group of 19-59 yrs who can work would be provided with soft loans to take up economically viable employment opportunities and self-employment through Manipur Society for Skill Development (MSSD).

CM gi Sotharabasinggi Tengbang includes a Scholarship scheme to students with Disabilities. The rate of scholarships are: Rs 3,000/-per annum for Class I-V, Rs 4,000/-per annum for Class VI-VIII, Rs 6000/-per annum for Class IX-XII, Rs 8000/-per annum for Graduate & Above. Under the scheme, a free travel and concession to persons with disabilities are being given to them for free travelling in public transport under Manipur State Transport (MST). The Scheme also included a maintenance grant for homeless older persons with monetary support of Rs. 1,000 per month to the older persons in the age group of 60 years and above, who have been left homeless or sheltered in old age homes recognized by the department.